Megan & Bennett | Garden Engagement Session | Sydonie Mansion

Couple kissing in front of historic Sydonie MansionPIN It!IMAGE

I hope you’re ready for some garden engagement session goodness! When I originally met with Megan she mentioned that Bennett wasn’t a huge fan of photos and that she was worried he would be shy. I assured her that most of our grooms aren’t huge on pictures but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it enjoyable for even the most camera shy of guys. One of those tricks is incorporating an activity he is into! For Bennett that was a no brainer, fishing! While fishing is fun, we still wanted the session to have an elegant feel. We spent their engagement session exploring the gorgeous grounds at the historic Sydonie Mansion in Mount Dora, FL. It was the perfect spot for a little casting, a lot of snuggling, and even a chance dog encounter!

Couple lounging together in chair hanging from ceilingPIN It!IMAGE

Snuggling up together on the garden stepsPIN It!IMAGE
Kissing his cheek as the couple relaxes in the gardensPIN It!IMAGE
Gorgeous round cut diamond engagement ringPIN It!IMAGE

Nuzzling her cheek among the treesPIN It!IMAGE






















Showing off the fish they caught togetherPIN It!IMAGE


Couple taking a romantic walk through the wildflowers in the gardenPIN It!IMAGE

She fixes her hair while he kisses her cheekPIN It!IMAGE







Small dog swims up to couple on the beachPIN It!IMAGE

In the middle of their session, we had a couple of unexpected canine visitors. They wanted to help out with the fishing too!

Surprise dog visitor sniffing their fishing bobs with their wedding datePIN It!IMAGE










Side by side photo of couple in archway with wrought iron gatePIN It!IMAGE







Adorable black and white photo with couple forehead to foreheadPIN It!IMAGE






Full body shot of couple in Sydonie MansionPIN It!IMAGE

We can’t wait to reunite with Megan and Bennett when they tie the knot this spring!