Ericka & Brandon | Doe Lake Wedding

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I met with Ericka & Brandon over two years before their Doe Lake wedding – so this day was much anticipated! Ultimately, it was the perfect day for them. They overcame obstacles with grace and ease, setting the perfect example for how they will handle marriage. Hurricane Irma did some serious damage to the tree-covered Doe Lake Campground. So when these two got the dreaded call that they may have to relocate their entire wedding they quickly sprang into action finding a “Plan B.” Luckily the venue was fixed up just in time for their big day. Ericka’s expert advice for brides planning now was:

Try to plan time like 10 minutes to get away, just the two of you before the reception, the day flies by! Also, don’t sweat the small stuff …when it comes down to it the only thing that matters is your marrying the person you love.

Amen to that sister. The rain held off, giving them a stunning lakeside ceremony, and then they danced the night away with their closest family and friends – I call that a perfect success.

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the bride looks in the mirror as her bridesmaids help her get her veil onPIN It!IMAGE
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First look happy tears. ♥
the bride wipes tears from the groomPIN It!IMAGEWhen asked about their favorite moments of the day, both of them said the first look! We hear this so often. Couples are usually pretty unsure at first, but always thankful they decided to take part in this new tradition.

Brandon said,

In all honesty I was skeptical about the first look. I tend to stick to tradition when it comes to things such as our wedding, but when I heard her speak my name, I lost all consciousness of time and completely forgot where I was. Then I turned around and remember my legs shaking, my heart pounding, and I couldn’t utter a word. Nothing could describe how beautiful she looked. It was the single happiest moment of my life, and what made it even better, I knew I was going to marry this woman.
the groom gives the bride a twirl among the Spanish mossPIN It!IMAGE
the bride and groom share a laugh togetherPIN It!IMAGE
the groom kisses the bridePIN It!IMAGE
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side by side shot, on the left the bride and groom kissing under an oak tree, on the right the bride adjusts her veil PIN It!IMAGE
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That little ring barer on the left fractured his tibia weeks before the wedding, but that didn’t stop him from riding down the aisle in style. Brandon made the signs for the flowergirls. His youngest neice used to call him Uncle Bae because she couln’t pronounce Brandon. So darn cute.
the two cutest flower girls carry signs down the aisle letting their uncle know his bride is comingPIN It!IMAGE
the bride and her father prepare wedding ceremony at Doe LakePIN It!IMAGE
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I learned at their engagement session that nose kisses are a special thing for Brandon & Ericka, now I see why. :)
The father of the bride gives his daughter away to the groomPIN It!IMAGE
The way couples look at each other during their ceremony is one of my favorite things, ever!
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The now husband and wife burst through the doors with excitement!PIN It!IMAGE
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side by side photo, on the left the bride and groom share a look, on the right the bride laughsPIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom at Doe Lake CampgroundPIN It!IMAGE
bride with winter red wedding bouquet PIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom share Coronas at Doe Lake Campground before their receptionPIN It!IMAGE
Gorgeous red brick fireplace at Doe Lake CampgroundPIN It!IMAGE
First dance at Doe Lake WeddingPIN It!IMAGE
The groom and his mother share a dancePIN It!IMAGE
The bride and her father share their dancePIN It!IMAGE
The groom and his mother share a dancePIN It!IMAGE
Father of the bride gives a blessing at Doe Lake ReceptionPIN It!IMAGE
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The Florida heat got the best of the wedding cake. But that didn’t stop it from being delicious! We tasted it, just to make sure. ;)
Bride and groom cut their wedding cake togetherPIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom share a cake covered kissPIN It!IMAGE
The groom dances the night away with his friends and familyPIN It!IMAGE
The groom releases the garter to his single friendsPIN It!IMAGE
The groom & groomsmen celebrate the young man who caught the garterPIN It!IMAGE
The ladies all reach for the bridePIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom pose with all of their guests on the dance floor at Doe LakePIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom kiss under the bubbles during their grand exitPIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom share a quiet moment at the end of the nightPIN It!IMAGE
Bride and groom share a last dance alone at the end of Doe Lake WeddingPIN It!IMAGE

Thank you two, from the bottom of our hearts, for trusting us with capturing these sweet memories.

♥ The SFP Team



Doe Lake Wedding Vendors

Venue: Doe Lake

Cake: Publix 

Groom’s Cake: Betty Taylor

Floral: Hannah Drummond

Hair: Amanda at Studio Styles

Makeup: Alecia at Michael’s Couture Salon

DJ: Eddie the DJ

Caterer: Oakwood