Brooke & Shelby | Lake Receptions Wedding

Bride and groom kiss under an umbrella with the lake at Lake Receptions behind themPIN It!IMAGE

Brooke and Shelby had the perfect Florida day for a wedding…some heat and humidity, a little rain, and a TON of love! These two had just about every curve ball thrown their way when it came to planning their big day, but they handled it all without batting an eyelash. Because of damage from Hurricane Irma, Brooke and Shelby had 8 days to find a new venue for their wedding. Luckily these two are surrounded by some truly incredible friends and family who all came together to help make their dreams a reality. Brooke said it best when asked what advice she had for couples planning their wedding:

“Be ready for anything unexpected to happen but know at the end of the day everything will come together!”

And everything did come together! Brooke and Shelby were so filled with love and joy all day. There was no shortage of laughter and tears, but one thing is for certain. If Brooke and Shelby handle life and their marriage the way they handled having to change their venue with 8 days to spare, life is going to be simply wonderful for them.

Bride surrounded by her smiling bridesmaids in their matching flannels while they get her readyPIN It!IMAGE
Groom helps straighten his fatherPIN It!IMAGE
Side by side photo of the bride getting her dress son and the groom posing with his adorable son all dressed upPIN It!IMAGE

Shelby helping his son get dressed to see his daddy get married was one of the cuter moments of the day!
The groom helps his son get dressed for the weddingPIN It!IMAGE
The bridePIN It!IMAGEBrooke wasn’t sure if her father would get emotional seeing her in her for the first time, but oh man, when he saw his daughter in that dress, the tears were flowing! It’s always such an honor to be able to capture those kinds of moments for parents as they help usher their children into their new family.
The bridePIN It!IMAGE

When we were starting to go over all the details for Brooke and Shelby’s big day, they were up in the air about whether or not to do a first look. Shelby was worried it might take away from the emotion of seeing Brooke walk down the aisle, but they decided to go for it anyway. And guess what! The first look ended up being both Brooke and Shelby’s favorite memory of the day! It’s such a powerful thing to see your future spouse for the first time on your wedding day and it’s quite wonderful to be able to share that moment together before you see each other at the ceremony. We are a big fan! Plus these two are just so darn cute together!
The bride heading to see her future husband for their first lookPIN It!IMAGE
the bride taps the groom on the shoulder so he can get his first look of his future wife in her dressPIN It!IMAGE
side by side shots of the laughing, smiling couplePIN It!IMAGE
the bride smiles at her future husband with tears in her eyesPIN It!IMAGE
side by side photos of the groom making the bride grin from ear to earPIN It!IMAGE
the groom adjusting the bridePIN It!IMAGE
black and white photo of the groom gently kissing his future wife on the cheekPIN It!IMAGE
the groom laying a big fat kiss on his bride!PIN It!IMAGE
a close up shot of the bride and groom holding handsPIN It!IMAGE
side by side shot, on the left the groom whispers a secret to his bride, on the right a solo shot of the bride looking stunningPIN It!IMAGE
the bride looking longingly at her future husbandPIN It!IMAGE

The sun made a brief appearance while we were doing some portraits! It’s always nice to get a break from the clouds!
laughter ensues as the bride sneaks up on the groomPIN It!IMAGE
side by side shot, on the right the bride laughs, on the left the couple shares a quiet moment before the ceremony beginsPIN It!IMAGE
the groom kisses his future wife on the cheekPIN It!IMAGE

One of the really special moments for us was Shelby seeing his two daughters in their dresses before the ceremony. They wanted it to be a big surprise. It was incredibly emotional for both Shelby and the girls. You can just tell that they adore him so much and are very proud of him. The girls were also wonderfully attentive helping Brooke get ready for the wedding. This new little family is filled with so much love and support already!
the groom shares a special moment with his daughters before the ceremonyPIN It!IMAGE
side by side shot, on the left the groom wiping the tears of joy from his daughterPIN It!IMAGE
a full room shot of the gorgeous venue at Lake ReceptionsPIN It!IMAGE

Proof that the tears still flow when you see your bride for the first time, even when you do a first look!
tears well up in the groomPIN It!IMAGE
the father of the bride proudly walking his daughter down the aislePIN It!IMAGE
the bride and groom smile at each other as the ceremony beginsPIN It!IMAGE

The gorgeous wooden arch that Brooke and Shelby exchanged vows under was handmade for them by one of Brooke’s family members.
friends and family look on as the bride and groom exchange vowsPIN It!IMAGE
one of the younger guests gets a little distracted from the vowsPIN It!IMAGE
a peek of the groom admiring his bride through the crowdPIN It!IMAGE
a peek of the bride admiring her groom through the crowdPIN It!IMAGE
the groom prepares to place the ring on his bridePIN It!IMAGE
side by side shot, on the left the couplePIN It!IMAGE
the groom waves to the crowd as he exits with his now wifePIN It!IMAGE

The new Mr. & Mrs. Brown!
the newlyweds share a kiss as they exit their ceremonyPIN It!IMAGE
bride & groom surrounded by their wedding party taking a strollPIN It!IMAGE
the bride shares a laugh with her bridesmaids and man of honorPIN It!IMAGE
the bride showing off her dress to her new husbandPIN It!IMAGE
the groom leads his new wife across a field next to the lakePIN It!IMAGE
the bride shares a laugh with her bridesmaids and man of honorPIN It!IMAGE
the bride & groom share their first stroll as husband and wifePIN It!IMAGE
bride & groom and their wedding party take a walk togetherPIN It!IMAGE
a silhouette of the bride & groom kissing at sunsetPIN It!IMAGE
a peek of the bridePIN It!IMAGE
side by side photos of the bride & groom, on the left before their ceremony, on the right enjoying their first dancePIN It!IMAGE
the bride and groom share a laugh during their first dancePIN It!IMAGE

DJ George Davis gettin’ DOWN with the guests! He and their officiant, Anthony Chiocchi, had an epic dance battle near the end of the night.
DJ George Davis shows off his splits during the receptionPIN It!IMAGE
one of the youngest guests takes over the dance floorPIN It!IMAGE
guests seeing how low they can goPIN It!IMAGE
the bride throws the bouquet to her single lady guestsPIN It!IMAGE
the groom triumphantly waves the garter he retrieved in the airPIN It!IMAGE
the groom squishes cake into the bridePIN It!IMAGE
two bridesmaids hold down the groom while the bride smears cake all over his facePIN It!IMAGE

Like we said before, everyone really came together to help Brooke have her perfect day. Whether it was finding the ultimate wedding coordinator, Chris Marsha at Lake Receptions, or holding Shelby down so she could smash cake in his face, her friends were by her side! ;)
two bridesmaids hold down the groom while the bride smears cake all over his facePIN It!IMAGE
side by side photo, on the left the groomPIN It!IMAGE
the best man shares a dance with the groomPIN It!IMAGE
a guest showing off his dance moves with his sonPIN It!IMAGE
the bride and groom kiss during their sparkler grand exitPIN It!IMAGE

It was a lovely day and we were lucky to be able to capture it!

♥ The SFP Team

Wedding Vendor Love

Wedding Coordinator- Chris Marsha (Lake Receptions): “team work makes the dream work”

Venue: Lake Receptions

Wedding planner: Caitlin Joseph

Hair: Jessica Hopperton

Makeup: Laura Sanchez

Grooms Attire: Kahrizmas Formal Wear & Boutique

Desserts & Cake : Charity Correa

DJ: George Davis

Videographer: Alexis Grace Productions

Rentals: Beautiful Moments Party Rentals

Officiant: Anthony Chiocchi

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal