Katie & Austin | Tavares Pavilion on the Lake Wedding

Bride & groom share a moment on the dock outside Tavares PavilionPIN It!IMAGE

As I am writing this, Hurricane Irma is swirling around outside. I’m actually hoping I can get these words typed before we lose power! Katie & Austin’s sunny Florida lakeside wedding is a welcome distraction from the storm! As you can see, Austin is in the Air Force and anyone who knows anything about the military knows that can make wedding planning a bit challenging! Katie said:

“One of the main things that made our wedding unique was planning it while living in North Dakota. There was lots of Skype and email conversations that webbed everything together. I picked out all of my own decorations so it was nice seeing everything finally come together in one place.”

I can’t imagine trying to plan from another state, but these two rocked it. Everything came together beautifully on this fine Thursday (yes, weddings can be ANY day of the week, we love a good weekday wedding.) :)

Bride & her bridesmaids in teal floral getting ready robes prepare for tequila shotsPIN It!IMAGE
Groom fixing his tie as he prepares to marry his bridePIN It!IMAGE

The way mothers look at their babies on a wedding day gets me every time.
Mother of the bride looking proudly at her daughter in her wedding dress at Key West ResortPIN It!IMAGE
Side by side photos of the gorgeous bride in her DavidPIN It!IMAGE
Groom getting ready to see his bride for the first time in Wooten ParkPIN It!IMAGE
Bride wiping tears from her eyes as her future husband sees her for the first timePIN It!IMAGE
Gorgeous hand-painted sign welcoming guests to Tavares Pavilion on the LakePIN It!IMAGE
The bride descending the grand staircase at Tavares Pavilion on her brotherPIN It!IMAGE
The groom wipes away a tear as he receives his bride from her brotherPIN It!IMAGE
indoor wedding ceremony at Tavares Pavilion lakeside PIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom running through flower petals as husband and wifePIN It!IMAGE

P.S. If there are rose petals at your wedding, there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to end up in my assistant, Cat’s pockets for throwing. ;)
Side by side shots of the newlyweds in the lush greenery of Wooten ParkPIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom strolling through Wooten ParkPIN It!IMAGE
The bridesmaids & groomsmen surrounding the bride and groom with love and congratulationsPIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom under veil lakeside at Tavares Pavilion weddingPIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom together on the scenic boat dock, highlighting the gorgeous detail on the bridePIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom grinning from ear to ear now that theyPIN It!IMAGE
Side by side shot of the bride & groom and the bride & her bridesmaids in their teal bridesmaid dressesPIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom taking a relaxing stroll through Wooten ParkPIN It!IMAGE

These adorable donut stands were one of their DIY projects for the day!

Delicious Publix donuts on DIY donut holders made by the bridePIN It!IMAGE
Customized glasses with their initial "W" etched on in gold leaf for wedding favorsPIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom share their first dance in the elegant second floor of Tavares Pavilion on the LakePIN It!IMAGE
Bride smiles as her new husband sings their first dance song in her earPIN It!IMAGE

When the big sis is the maid of honor, there’s a pretty good chance the tears are going to come a’ flowin’!
An emotional maid of honor speech was made by the bridePIN It!IMAGE
Groom attempting to feed his bride their cake from Cupcake DelightsPIN It!IMAGE
Doing pushups for his new wife LOL
The groom does pushups before diving under his bridePIN It!IMAGE
The groom proudly showing off the retrieved garterPIN It!IMAGE
All the single gentleman fighting over catching the garterPIN It!IMAGE
Florida lakeside wedding night portraitPIN It!IMAGE
A bridesmaid and the flower girl dancing the night away togetherPIN It!IMAGE
Guests dancing the night away to the tunes played by DJ LivePIN It!IMAGE
The bride and her brother getting down on the dance floorPIN It!IMAGE

Austin’s groomsman, Harrison sang the last song of the night while playing guitar. Austin said this was one of his favorite parts of the day, it was one of ours, too!
Bride & groom dancing to their last song played by their friend and groomsmen on his guitarPIN It!IMAGE
A bubble filled grand exit on the scenic pier at Tavares PavilionPIN It!IMAGE
Bride & groom share one last kiss during their bubble filled grand exit surrounded by their friends and familyPIN It!IMAGE

Thank you so much for having us as part of your incredible day, you two!


Wedding Vendor Team:

Venue : Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Hotel: Key West Resort

Coordinator: Plan It Events

Catering: Pisces Rising

DJ & Uplighting: DJ Live Productions

Cake & Donuts: Publix

Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Laura Reynold’s Artistry

Officiant: Cheryl Cole