Happy 100th Birthday, GG!

I took these photos of my great grandmother almost a year ago but I was scared to look at them again until now. Full disclosure – I hate crying and I was pretty sure these would engage full-on waterworks. So I put it off for a few months while I let my heart heal from the loss of my sweet GG.

She celebrated her 100th birthday in heaven yesterday and it felt like the right time to pull them out. As I looked at these pictures, I realized the importance of photographing more than just the celebratory moments. These photos represent WHO my great grandmother was at this time in her life. This was what a normal day looked like for her and what brought her joy at 99. Looking at them transports me back to her porch full of flowers and scooping ice cream into a bowl for her to enjoy on a hot afternoon.



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Yesterday, on what would have been GG’s 100th birthday we released butterflies in her honor.

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Go spend time with the people you love, take their picture, ask them about their life and soak up every second you have with them. You will be so thankful you did.


We love and miss you, GG!