Matthew & Jenica | Tavares Pavilion on the Lake Wedding

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We are beyond excited to share Matthew & Jenica’s Tavares Pavilion on the Lake wedding with you! These two are a match made in heaven and we feel pretty darn lucky to have gotten to document the start of their marriage. Around one year ago they met volunteering at a dental event. Matthew was in school to become a dentist and Jenica worked as a dental hygienist. Jenica caught Matthew’s eye pretty instantly and they began talking on the phone endlessly because they lived a few hours apart. After a few “meet-in-the-middle” dates they both just knew, this was it. You can easily see the love that these two share and their wedding day, full of heartfelt moments, was a perfect representation of that bond.

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Hands down, this is the best groom’s gift I have ever seen. Jenica had this journal custom made and wrote to Matthew in it every night from the night he proposed until their wedding day. Cue the waterworks!!!
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My favorite part of the day was when Jenica was walking down the aisle to Matthew. She surprised him with a professional recording of her singing Marry Me by Train as the background music. She has the voice of an angel, she’s so good in fact, that people were trying to figure out if it was actually her and Matthew didn’t know until after the ceremony!
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2017-06-13_0051.jpgPIN It!IMAGEI love to peek over at the bride while the groom dances with his momma. So much adoration.
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2017-06-13_0060.jpgPIN It!IMAGEWedding Tip:

These No Mess Streamer Poppers are an awesome sparkler exit alternative! Many venues are banning sparkler exits because of the mess of discarded sticks and fire danger. These streamers are such a fun and unique wedding exit choice.
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What a perfect day! THANK YOU for choosing us to be part of it.

♥ The SFP Team


Wedding Vendor Team:

Venue: Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Hotel: Key West Resort

Coordinator: Lora Ritzie Wardman Events

Floral: Dream Designs

Catering: John Michael Catering

Cake: Publix

DJ & Uplighting: FyerFly Productions

Transportation: Orlando Chauffered Services



P.S. We post behind the scenes clips throughout the entire wedding day on our Instagram story which only stays live for 24 hours. In case you missed it, here’s one Sara snapped!
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