Lifestyle Family Session | Orlando Lifestyle Photographer

Want to know the secret recipe to a perfect lifestyle family session?

  1. Start with an adorable little family of three (bonus points that Mom is a dear friend of mine & fellow photographer.)
  2. Add their homey downtown Orlando bungalow
  3. 1 part painting
  4. 1 part singing
  5. 1 part dancing in the living room to their favorite song
  6.  Add a sprinkler

And that’s all folks, the perfect family session. A photo shoot doesn’t have to be a big fancy production. My favorite moments are the ones that happen naturally – and what’s more natural than spending an evening at home? ;)

2017-05-26_0001.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
2017-05-26_0003.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
2017-05-26_0004.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
2017-05-26_0024.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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2017-05-26_0034.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
2017-05-26_0035.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

Sweet dreams, sweet girl. So glad I have gotten to watch and capture you grow up!