Deidra & Charlie | The Ballroom at Church Street

Deidra & Charlie’s Ballroom at Church Street wedding was one for the books, friends! Right in the heart of Downtown Orlando, the historic ballroom boasts breathtaking stained glass windows which served as the backdrop for their intimate ceremony. It kind of felt like you were stepping back in time. So much effort was put into pulling everything together in all the details of the day. We were in awe.
Ballroom at Church Street WeddingPIN It!IMAGE

Ballroom at Church Street WeddingPIN It!IMAGE Ballroom at Church Street WeddingPIN It!IMAGE Ballroom at Church Street WeddingPIN It!IMAGE

Their first look was Deidra’s favorite part of the day. Right before it, I asked Deidra what a special song was for two of them. We played Lee Bryce’s “Crazy Girl” in the background and it was such a sweet moment.

Ballroom at Church Street WeddingPIN It!IMAGE 2017-02-22_0010PIN It!IMAGE 2017-02-22_0011PIN It!IMAGE

Those dresses. Those ladies. Wowzas!

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Those stained glass windows are out of this world. Like I said, we were in awe!

2017-02-22_0020PIN It!IMAGE 2017-02-22_0021PIN It!IMAGE 2017-02-22_0022PIN It!IMAGE

These two are so sweet with each other.

2017-02-22_0023PIN It!IMAGE 2017-02-22_0024PIN It!IMAGE 2017-02-22_0025PIN It!IMAGEThis cake by Le Petit Sweet was wowing everyone in the room!

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2017-02-22_0044PIN It!IMAGE

We feel so lucky to have been part of this. Thank you for everything.


♥ The SFP Team

Vendor Love

Venue – The Ballroom at Church Street

Caterer – Puff n’ Stuff

Florist – Terri’s Eustis Flower Shop

Cake – Le Petit Sweet

Invitations – Wedding Paper Divas

Bridesmaid Dresses – Vow To Be Chic

Groom’s Attire – Calvin Klein

DJ – Our DJ Rocks/Tabitha

Photobooth – Photobooth Rocks

Second Photographer – Troy Ryan Photography