Natalie’s Birth Story | Sierra Vista, Arizona

Hey there! It’s Megan taking over for this one! SFP got to capture the grand entrance of our very first Arizona baby! Miss Natalie Ann was welcomed yesterday evening at the Canyon Vista Medical Center in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Arizona…yup…you heard me right! My hubby is in the Army and we’re often presented with the opportunity to travel for different trainings. I met Amanda through an Army spouse Facebook group. Her sweet family gave me the blessing to capture their second baby’s arrival. Birth stories always pull on my heart strings but this one was extra special because, not only are Amanda and Ethan relaxed and genuine people, but they are part of the Army family too! :)

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The hospital staff here was truly amazing. They were always smiling and on top of things!
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Ok…so, I’m slightly obsessed with baby feet.
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I loved getting to watch Raelyn meet her little sister for the first time. She wasn’t sure at first but I think her curiosity got the best of her!
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Amanda and Ethan,

Words can’t tell you how honored I am to have been a part of your sweet baby’s birth. I can’t wait to watch your girls grow.

<3 Megan

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