Workshops, Nashville, and a baby named Rhapsody!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw how excited I was a few weeks ago to attend the Bobbi + Mike photography workshop in Indianapolis! I have been admiring their work for years now so I was beyond pumped to get the chance to learn from them in person!

For those of you who don’t know, Oviedo to Indianapolis round trip is 2,012 miles!!! Megan and I decided to make a “little” road trip out of it, visiting friends and family along the way. We stayed in Nashville with Megan’s cousin Mackenzie (who also happens to be a model/artist) and her fiance who is a talented musician, talk about a dynamic duo! A model for a Mom + a chubby baby + an awesome house in Nashville = WE HAVE TO DO AN IMPROMPTU PHOTO SHOOT! So this happened:

2015-04-17_0002.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

My favorite. ↓ 2015-04-17_0003.jpgPIN It!IMAGE


2015-04-17_0013PIN It!IMAGE
2015-04-17_0006.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
2015-04-17_0007.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

Ok wait, maybe that bottom one is my favorite!  THAT is what milk drunk looks like, and how gorgeous is Mackenzie, geesh mama!
2015-04-17_0008.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

I mean come on, LOOK at that nursery. So rad. This was Megan’s first time meeting Rhapsody! ♥
2015-04-17_0009.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

2015-04-17_0010.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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Here are some behind the scenes from the BBMK workshop!
2015-04-17_0012.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

I came home from this trip feeling so inspired by all the awesome people and ideas. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!