Blush Pink Lakeside Wedding | Megan & Skylar | Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

When we heard that Megan and Skyler were going to have a total of 26 bridesmaids and groomsmen, we knew it would be one heck of a party! Their lakeside wedding at Tavares Pavilion was full of fun, love and laughter! Every wedding inevitably ends up with a nickname, and this one was the “CrossFit Wedding.” ;) Megan and Skyler met at the CrossFit gym and we’ve never seen a more flexible wedding party out on the dance floor. If their life continues to be as fun as their wedding was, they’ll be in good shape!

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Here’s another little sneak peak of video highlights at the Almand Wedding. Cheers to Skyler and Megan!


Venue: Tavares Pavilion on the Lake

Second Photographer: Megan Montalvo Photography