Historic Bayside Wedding | Lauren & Eduardo | St. Augustine

We had an awesome time capturing Lauren & Eduardo’s wedding in the beautiful ancient city – St. Augustine! The ceremony took place at the  Ancient City Baptist Church and the reception at the famous A1A Ale Works right on the bay.  We are so in love with their love (gahhh!) and couldn’t have been happier to capture their perfect historic bayside wedding. Enjoy! <3

2015-03-24_0001.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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Those lashes though! <3 2015-03-24_0004.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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They pretended that they didn’t care about their photos but managed to GQ it for a few.  2015-03-24_0011.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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This was their Vouge pose!
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Ok guys, seriously?!? 2015-03-24_0017.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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Sierra & Meg’s favorite…how could it not be?
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We LOVE raw emotion…these ones definitely got to us.  2015-03-24_0034.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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Second Photographer: Megan Montalvo Photography