Tripp’s Birth Story | Orlando Birth Photographer

If ever there was an “laid back” birth, this was it. Amy & Evan kept the gender of the baby a surprise which added such a fun element to delivery day! Amy was the epitome of cool as she brought her first-born into the world. Evan kept calm too, and within 15 minutes of pushing out came Baby Tripp, short for the The Third – keeping the family name! I can’t thank you guys enough for letting me be there for such an incredible day.
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Great Grandpa…90 year old hands, and hour-old hands, I could barely hold back the tears.  2014-08-25_0036.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

  • Michele Greer Bell-Peppers - The bottom two pictures touched me deeply. The emotion is so raw and yet so beautiful. Had to grab Kleenex.ReplyCancel