Highland Manor Wedding | Doug & Kristin | Apopka, FL

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Look at that bling!
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I was totally in love with this venue! Highland Manor was built in 1903, and was jam packed with antique charm.
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Those green shoes though!
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See, I wasn’t kidding about the antique charm.
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Holy cow Kristin, could you be any more stunning!? Her timeless look paired perfectly with the venue. Hair & Makeup artist, Larri Mattison and her team from Urban Glow rocked it.
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Doug doesn’t play when it comes to his hair.
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Kristin and Doug seeing the reception for the first time! Classic Tents & Events did an incredible job. 2013-10-24_0022.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

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Loving this silhouette of the wedding party! 2013-10-24_0027.jpgPIN It!IMAGE

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Fun with their cross fit team :) 2013-10-24_0032.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
And there was no shortage of sweet dance moves! 2013-10-24_0035.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
Even Grandma got in on the fun ;) 2013-10-24_0037.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
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The birthday girl who also skipped her highschool homecoming dance to be in the wedding. What a good little sis. 2013-10-24_0036.jpgPIN It!IMAGE
The reactions in this photo are just priceless.
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And a glow stick exit!


Thank you both for letting us capture your big day. I think we had just as much fun as the guests partying with you guys! ;) Can’t wait to show you the rest!